ULIPINDIA.COM is a new era Indian Ecommerce Marketplace to combine multiple options of marketing and benefits of online vs conventional together for shifting society better to best.

As the main target is to combine all possible options of marketing in one platform, ULIPINDIA.COM hereby merging all such possibilities in line with upgrading of skills, unity, leadership, income and prosperity of each who is involved directly or indirectly in this marketing platform.

ULIPINDIA.COM visionary management introduced an entirely new concept to the world, “CAN”, by which all the above vision elements will achieve.


Let’s see in more detail how it works and What you get from it.

Any person can register to this Ecommerce platform by visiting and with minimum details including shipping.

Let’s take one example: one needs to do shopping online to buy any category of products. Once registered, start your own purchase from the website from any category, any price band, any quality, any brand. By making a purchase you will be known as  a “CUSTOMER”.

Let’s take another example: one needs to do affiliate marketing in ecommerce platforms, here is the option for it by simply starting to share the affiliate link of a website to his own social media community to promote products and get a decent Affiliate Marketing Sales commission (AMSC).  By doing affiliate marketing of this website you will be known as an “AFFILIATE MARKETING PROFESSIONAL”.

Let’s take another example: one needs to do a networking model of marketing to add high yield returns to his passive income, here is the best option for it. You can simply train your interested customers who are in contact with you through your affiliate marketing to do affiliate marketing by themselves also. As a result of these multiple affiliation sales under your guidelines, a natural network layer will form and will grow naturally. Of course for each sale in this affiliate network under you, you will receive a decent Network Affiliate Marketing Sales Bonus (NMSB). Be part of these network you will know as a “NETWORK AFFILIATE MARKETING PROFESSIONAl

So while holding titles of all three positions at a time, you will be known as CAN (Customer + Affiliate Marketing Professional + Network Affiliate Marketing Professional), it’s very simple.