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Everything you Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing

Everything you Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing

You might have come across the word – Affiliate a lot. But have you ever tried to explore it? Read this blog till the end, if you want to earn a passive income!

Affiliate marketing is a process through which a person can earn commission by selling the products of a website by sharing the link. If a user purchases a product from the shared link then you will get a commission.

What you need to be an Affiliate

1) Affiliate Product/Offer
2) Understand Your Audience
3) Create Content According To Your Audience
4) Track Your Sales
5) Stay Updated On Social Media

ULIPINDIA’s affiliate program is very different from other affiliate programs. There are 2 ways through which you can earn through our affiliate programs.

1) By simply sharing the affiliate link of a ULIPINDIA.COM website to your social media platforms to promote products or the entire website. Through this, you may earn monthly active income and monthly passive income based on monthly purchases done by new or existing customers in your team.

2) Networking model of marketing to add high yield to your passive & active income! You can simply train existing customers, to do affiliate marketing by themselves and form a team under you. Through these multiple affiliation sales, for each sale in this affiliate network, you will receive a decent Sales Bonus.

Benefits for affiliate on ULIPINDIA

1) Get benefits as a Customer, if you wish to do shopping at ULIPINDIA.COM.
2) You may earn a monthly Sales Commission for each purchase done by your customers.
3) Once a Customer registered on the website due to your affiliation, you will get eligible SC each time that customer makes a purchase from the website.
4) No monthly ceiling limit for earning.

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