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How is ULIPINDIA.COM Affiliate Program Different From Others?

How is ULIPINDIA.COM Affiliate Program Different From Others?

Any person can register to the ULIPINDIA platform by visiting WWW.ULIPINDIA.COM and with minimum details. Registration is completely FREE.

One interested to do affiliate marketing can simply start to share the affiliate link of a ULIPINDIA.COM website to his own social media community to promote products/entire website and get a decent Sales commission (SC). By doing affiliate marketing on this website you will be known as an “Affiliate Marketing Professional” (AMP). As an AMP you may get monthly active income and monthly passive income based on monthly purchases done by new or existing customers in your team.

One needs to do a networking model of marketing to add high yield to his passive & active income. You can simply train your interested existing customers, who are in your team as part of your affiliate marketing. As a result of these multiple affiliation sales under your guidelines, a network will form and will grow naturally as each AMP in your team will affiliate more AMPs to their teams. Of course for each sale in this affiliate network under you, you will receive a decent Sales Bonus (SB). Be part of this network you will be known as a “Network Affiliate Marketing Professional” (NAMP).

Not only that but ULIPINDIA.COM provides additional benefits to NAMP like insurance fund, mutual fund, marriage assistance, and much more. So, join ULIPINDIA.COM’s affiliate programs now!

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