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The New Way of Earning a Passive Income – Affiliate Programs

You might be aware of the term Affiliate. Many people have been earning a passive income by joining different affiliate programs. So, if you want to earn a secondary income with less to zero investment, then you need to read this blog to the end.

What is affiliate marketing?
It is the process by which a person, known as an affiliate, earns a commission for marketing products of other company’s or a person. The affiliate earns a commission from each sale they make.

So, if you want to be an affiliate and earn a passive income then below are a list of the best affiliate programs you can join;

ULIPINDIA is a new era E-Commerce platform to combine multiple options of marketing and benefits of online vs conventional together for shifting society better to best.
ULIPINDIA’s affiliate program is very different from other affiliate programs. There are 2 ways through which anyone can earn through our affiliate programs.

i) By simply sharing the affiliate link of a ULIPINDIA.COM website to your social media platforms to promote products or the entire website. Through this, you may earn monthly active income and monthly passive income based on monthly purchases done by new or existing customers in your team.

ii) Networking model of marketing to add high yield to your passive & active income! You can simply train existing customers, to do affiliate marketing by themselves and form a team under you. Through these multiple affiliation sales, for each sale in this affiliate network, you will receive a decent Sales Bonus.

2) Amazon Associates
Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce brands in India. You can sign-up for Amazon’s affiliate marketing program using your Amazon account. The affiliate program of Amazon offers you a commission for products that the user buys after clicking on your affiliate link.

3) Shopify
Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows users to sell their products online. It is free to join and allows you to earn a commission with each new Shopify merchant referral.

4) eBay
Also known as eBay Partner Network, eBays’s affiliate program allows you to earn a commission by referring customers to eBay. You can use affiliate links of products and once a customer makes a [purchae through those links you will receive a commission.

5) Rakunten
Rakunten is the largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network that also offers educational tools and training to kick start your commissions. It allows you to use links text and banners to monetize your content.

So, now you know everything about affiliate marketing. There are other platforms as well offering affiliate marketing such as Bluehost, affiliate by Conversant, Clickbank, Studiopress, Leadpages, and more. Join an affiliate program now and start earning a passive income.

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