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Why Leave Your Cellphone on Flight While Keeping it in Pocket?

Why Leave Your Cellphone on Flight While Keeping it in Pocket?

There’s no doubt that cell phones have made our life easy and money transfers fast. But do you think cell phones are as healthy to use as they seem to be? Well, cell phones are putting your health at great risk.

The rays emitted by cellphone affect the brain and body. Those harmful rays might be responsible for your constant headache. Below are a few harmful effects of Cell Phones that you need to take note of while keeping them in your pocket;

1) The radiation from a cell phone can damage and alter your DNA.
2) These radiations are so strong that they may create male fertility issues.
3) Radiations from the cell phone are responsible for a change in the brain’s metabolism.
4) A study shows that it can weaken the pelvic area.
5) It reduces bone density.
6) There are many health hazards caused by cell phones like multiple types of cancer, infertility in both males & females, and leakage of the blood-brain barrier, diabetes, and heart irregularities.

The list does not just end here! Mobile phone use could contribute to the development of depression and anxiety.

So, it is better to use a bag to keep your cell phone or keep your phone on flight mode.

Flight mode helps in reducing these harmful effects and has a positive impact on one’s brain. Keeping phone on flight mode has many positive results like –

1) It does not ring thus helping you in staying focussed on your work.
2) You can think more clearly
3) You can be more productive and active.
4) The harmful rays are reduced thus not impacting your health. It simply reduces exposure to EMF radiation.
5) No distractions and increases concentration.

Thus, it is requested to keep your phone on flight mode as much as you can.

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